Lab Management System(BS-LABTECH)

BS-LabTech software provides Digitization of patient records, payment invoices, test results, patient reports and MIS Reports, etc. . It is a handy and effective software solution for any small or big laboratory management.

Modules and Features of BS-LabTech
Easy to Operate

LabTech is medical Lab Reporting Software is windows based software package for Diagnostic Centre. It is very easy to use and very user friendly. Lab Technician who has normal windows knowledge can operate all the functionality very easily in one time training.


Dashboard feature of this product is unique in itself.All the modules are visible in user screen for easy operation. The modules were open as per the user roles provided.

Patient registration

This product is a kind of application which delivers quick patient registration screen for all perspectives of a diagnostic centre. It relieves the Lab technicians from writing down the boring technical test names , referring doctors , and other related details.


support synoptic reporting and automatically integrate multiple test results from various profiles and departments into one easy-to-read report summary.It prints the report and also can send WhatsApp report in pdf format


Accurate, automated, customizable and efficient MIS reporting such as daily, weekly,monthly selection as per between dates, Technician wise, IP, OP, Test wise, doctor wise, collection, etc.

Bs-LabTech – Features:

Can create your own tests with units and reference range.
Maintain profiles (group of test)
Maintain Doctor’s Directory
Maintain refer by doctor’s accounts
Maintain patient’s history
Can send Report via WhatsAPP.
Maintain daily,monthly collection.

Bs-LabTech Working Model

The advantages of BS-LabTech can be pinpointed to the following:
• Time-saving Technology
• Improved Efficiency by avoiding human errors
• Data security and correct data retrieval made possible
• Cost effective and easily manageable